Provide more intelligence

to your Google Apps environment

neediz centralizes and organizes automatically and in real-time information disseminated in all mailboxes and folders of your employees without any rekeying of data.

You finally have a global vision, accessible at any time, of all the activity of your business.

You no longer risk losing critical information when transferring records between your employees.

You secure the wealth of your business.

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neediz indexes all your corporate data

Choose the visualization you prefer to work


  Time saving

# Less information entry

# Less time classifying information

# Less time to communicate internally

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  Cost saving

# Less tools: neediz leverages

your existing tools and makes them more effective

# Real time avoids costly bad decisions

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The handover of a longstanding customer made within hours through neediz.

  Using neediz brought a real time saver for our teams.

For example the handover of an account between two account managers was done very easily with the tool, despite the three years of discussions with the customer to get, to fully understand all the ongoing projects.

Within minutes the information was available in neediz and the new employee could work using views 'Timeline' and 'Search', as if he had been on the project from the beginning.

The common tool to all our business activity.

  In everyday life, neediz is our project management tool, our CRM, our document management ...

Internally we all use different tools but neediz centralizes and shares the data that concerns all of us.
It really pays our drive and our Gmail since neediz prevents us to store information and since we can parameterize how neediz classifies the data.

We create workspaces per customer or project, and we know that everyone has access to the information.

Yassine Belfkih, co-fondateur de

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 The commercial mail box contains 100 times more information than the CRM he fills manually.
Should be used primarily this data, rather than asking him to lose selling time in unnecessary reporting.

Denys Poulat, co-fondateur de neediz
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